How long do I swaddle my baby?

How long do I swaddle my baby?

Once your baby develops past startle reflex and becomes frustrated with being swaddled (not to be confused with normal arm movement), it is time to wean your baby out of the swaddle and into a baby sleep bag. This will usually happen between 8-12 weeks.

How can I transition baby from the Cocooi Babywrap into the Go Go Bag?

We recommend weaning your baby slowly, sleeping your baby with one arm out of the swaddle wrap for 2-3 days, then moving to both arms out, with feet still wrapped for a further 2-3 days, and finally, moving to a baby sleeping bag, with both arms and legs having the ability to move freely. Some babies will transition at a faster rate, especially if they are a little older.

Merino Kids Cocooi Babywrap

If your baby is over 3 months, still swaddled and waking in the night, this weaning routine will still work. Past three months your baby will be used to their surroundings and will no longer suffer from startle reflex, so there is no need to create a ‘womb like’ feeling for them and as they start to move and roll around the cot, you want them to be free of any loose bedding like sheets, blankets or the babywrap.

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