Our Story

Merino Kids was ‘born’ in a New Zealand home in 2003 as two mums of newborn babies, suffering a lack of sleep, pondered their dismay at the large range of synthetic fibres being used to make baby and toddler sleepwear.

I was one of those mums, living on a sheep farm in the Wairarapa with a passion for growing natural fibre, and Amie Bristed, a designer with a passion for the use of natural fibre, was the other. We were then on a mission to overcome the lack of sustainable, natural sleepwear on offer, so Amie designed the Go Go Bag - the worlds first baby sleep bag made entirely from 100% natural fibres using a superfine merino lining and organic cotton outer. Considered sensible design features for ease of use were added to ensure babies' comfort, sleep and transport from different locations when wearing the bag ‘on the go’ – hence the aptly named “Go Go Bag”.

Amie went on to expand the Merino Kids range of sustainable sleepwear for babies, infants and toddlers launching into Australia and around the world while I cheered on from the side-lines and in 2009 I jumped at the chance to become the custodian of this amazing, pioneering brand I have been involved with since its birth.

Having been a part of the Merino Kids journey since the very beginning, I would never have foreseen that an idea discussed between friends suffering from a lack of sleep would have resulted in an international award-winning textile company, still setting the standard decades later. With so many additions to the market of natural sleepwear options since I am proud that Merino Kids sets the benchmark of design and quality and continues to do so with millions of customers still choosing our products as their preferred brand. As with the mighty merino sheep, our brand and beautiful products have stood the test of time, continued to produce top quality design and given many, many families the gift of safe, peaceful sleep.