DAY 1 - Baby Heirloom Merino Layettes

The first two weeks of a baby's life are crucial.

Yet all too often, newborns aren’t given the right clothing to wear, which means they can get cold-stressed. This can result in weight loss and a difficult start in life.

Read on to discover why the Day-1-Baby Heirloom Layette could be the most important purchase you will ever make!

  • Outfits Too Big

    Most newborn clothes are made to last baby's first few months. This means when they are born they are swimming in their clothes. And when their clothes don't fit snugly, they’re not protected as well as they should be.

    The merino in our newborn items works wonders close to the skin, absorbing moisture, creating a microclimate between the skin and the fibres, and always keeping your baby at the perfect temperature.

  • Harmful Fibres

    Well-meaning parents often fill the birth bag with the best items they can think of. But in the large majority of cases, the clothing they choose is made from fibres that are not good for baby.

    For example, synthetic fibres are made from petroleum – they don’t allow the skin to breathe and won’t keep your child warm. And coarse wool fibres, often used in home knitting, can itch your baby's sensitive skin and cause rashes or other discomfort.

  • Heat-Loss

    We all lose heat through our heads. But for babies, the heat loss is even more severe, as their heads make up a larger percentage of their body. Newborns lose up to 25% of their body heat through their heads, compared to 10% in adults.

    On top of this many babies are born bald, and thus have little or no hair to keep their head warm. This means newborns are at high risk of getting cold, or worse, cold-stressed.

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    The fit is SO important. That's why we've created not just one, but two sizes, based on your baby’s weight: 2.5-4kg(5.5-8.8lbs), and 4-5kg (8.8-11lbs).

    TIP: 90% of babies will need the smaller size 2.5-4 kg (5.5-8.8lbs). Only if your midwife or doctor has told you that your baby is in the top percentile for size will you need the larger size.


    Made from superfine BEST quality merino from New Zealand, this Layette is so incredibly soft you won’t believe until you feel it.

    In fact our merino fibres are 1/10 diameter of a human hair - so thin they bend softly against baby’s skin, without scratching.


    Babies lose an incredible amount of heat through their head. So from the minute they’re born they should wear a beanie to prevent losing heat and get cold-stressed. That’s why we include a beanie in our Layette package. Our beanies are made from our soft organic merino wool and will gently create a safe warm layer on their little heads. Plus they’re made in a small size to fit perfectly.

Award Winning Range

"The best investment I ever made! My little girl was put into the Layette right after she was born and I never once had to worry about her temperature being an issue. She was so content"

Stacey, mum of 3

Comfort from the moment they’re born

Specially created by Roots & Wings in association with New Zealand midwife and author Kathy Fray, the Day-1 Heirloom Layette is tailor-made to look after your newborn from the word go. It's that special outfit your child will wear on the day he or she is born, and for those most important weeks after.

Made from 100% organic New Zealand merino wool, un-dyed and natural.

This layette will support your baby in feeding and sleeping better than any other outfit available. It also comes with a beanie and clothing bag – so once outgrown it can be safely stored - ready for the next child in your family!

Day 1 - Baby Heirloom Layette Consists Of:

1 bodysuit as the base layer
1 jumpsuit (or romper) to put on top
1 beanie to preserve body heat
1 organic muslin bag for storage

PLUS: Add one merino swaddle wrap blanket for the ultimate in baby comfort.


We also provide you with an organic muslin bag to keep your merino safe when your baby is done wearing it. Simply store it safely away with some lavender to deter moths, and it will be ready for the next baby in your family.

Note: In addition to lavender, we do recommend adding a moth-prevention to your Layette when not in use.